Continuous Quality Improvement

Wyoming MIECHV is committed to the principles of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and endorses efforts at both the state and community-level to improve the effectiveness of the support and services provided to families with young children.


WY MIECHV CQI teams use the Model for Improvement developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to identify desired improvements and implement strategies to achieve these improvements.  WY MIECHV CQI teams are in place at the local level, at the program level and within the Wyoming Home Visiting Network.

The focus of the 2016-2017 WY MIECHV CQI plan is to increase family engagement in the services provided by the Wyoming MIECHV program.  Reaching and maintaining capacity is not only a key expectation of MIECHV funding, family engagement is a central, contributing factor in families benefitting from program services. The fundamental purpose of this mission is to maximize actual services received so that families accomplish both their individual goals and the project’s objectives including improved maternal and child health, prevention of child abuse and neglect, positive parenting, and optimal child development and school readiness.

Building and maintaining families’ engagement in services begins with the first contact and continues with enrollment and consistent participation in services until a planned transition from the program takes place.